I make late night, low light music...... music that is rich, sumptuous, sensual..... intimate and tender also.

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It is music concerned with resonance, space, simplicity and vibration and that comes from a place of personal authenticity and honest expression. I make music that is deeply personal but that aims to connect with the hearts of others. 

I believe in breadth, openness, collaboration - cross-genre and cross-cultural music that is without boundaries. I combine my own compositions with those of others from across the globe in performances that are multi-sensory. I perform regularly across the UK, Europe and Asia.

My background is as a Western classically-trained pianist. I have studied performance and composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire, University of Sussex, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and SOAS, University of London. It is impossible for me to limit myself to one tradition and one genre and so my natural, unstoppable curiosity has led me to study and play Indian classical music, jazz, West-African music, Renaissance music, and more. I combine all my interests and understanding in compositions and performances that truly represent the breadth of my experience, both musically and in my very varied life in general. I am a citizen of the world and I freely allow the musical inspiration I channel to manifest with the help of my understanding of so many different musics and soundworlds. 

As well as the piano I also play and perform on Indian santoor, harmonium, toy piano, percussion and electronics.